Light gauge steel Bulidings offer a strong, quality product and a fast and easy building process. Constructing with steel results in unmatched strength in a structure’s ability to withstand wind loads, weathering, water impacts, and interior dead loads. The final quality of a steel structure is quickly recognizable: all corners are square, floors are level, and walls are straight and plum. Light gauge steel roof trusses are fabricated to exact measurements, avoiding the mold/mildew attack, dry rot, humidity, termite damage, and eventual roof leaks wood roof trusses are prone to. The consistency of light gauge steel structures also allows finishes to be standardized and installed more efficiently, including dorm frames, window frames, trim work, cabinets, countertops, plumbing, and electrical work. This standardization and the lightweight nature of light gauge steel leads to cost efficiency in the form of bulk discounts and lower foundation costs. A light gauge steel building can also be designed and erected in a matter of months, not years, so the return on your investment is realized faster and common delays that erode developer profits are minimized.